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Sage Advice Consulting is a company with a wealth of experience in the field of nutrition and wellness consulting as well as in the food industry helping retailers develop products under their own brand. Led by Director Deljah S. Dickson, also known as Chef Simone, the company has a team of experts in food science, biochemistry, and nutrition. They specialize in creating recipes and developing and testing cannabis-infused products. Sage Advice Consulting has a proven track record of success, and Chef Simone is known for her expertise in creating delicious and healthy recipes, particularly in the realm of desserts with balanced flavors and reduced sugar content. She has received recognition from major retailers for her creations. Chef Simone brings her unique background, skills, and passion to the table, making Sage Advice Consulting the ideal company to take your concept from a simple idea to a finished product or a creative expansion of your current concept.

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