Custom Luxury Cake- Phone Order Only + Local Delivery
Custom Luxury Cake- Phone Order Only + Local Delivery
Custom Luxury Cake- Phone Order Only + Local Delivery

Custom Luxury Cake- Phone Order Only + Local Delivery

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Timeframe: Requires 14 days from date of order.


1.Select,  Our Luxury Custom Celebratory Cakes 

Choose a cheesecake from our Luxury flavor collections and a top layer of cake; Vanilla, chocolate or spiced and we'll handle the rest. The filling between the two or three layers will be based on the cheesecake you select, ensuring that every bite tastes as amazing as the cheesecake does alone, but now even better because there's cake too! 

A filling of your choice from our array of dessert sauces, fresh fruit, whipped cream cheese, or buttercream icings. A layer of organic vanilla or chocolate cake is placed on top of the cheesecake and filling, then encased in our rich buttercream, and lastly decorated based on the style you choose from our Custom Couture Collections below. 

 2. Choose your decoration style from our Custom Couture Collections below.

 Add ons such as chocolate creations like sails, bow ties, 24 karat gold leaf, candy shards, fresh flowers, and chocolates can be added to any cake for an additional charge. 
The Collection
  • Chocolate Lace
Melted chocolate swirled and wrapped around your entire cake creating the look of "lace" 
  • Concrete Theory
Tones of grey and white with sharp edges creates the concrete look. A unique canvas that allows chocolate creations like sails and bow ties to take center stage. Add a splash of color with a pallet knife. 
  • Water Color Pallets 
Encased first in white butter cream, a three color combination of your choice is added and blended all over the cake to create a feel of water colors on canvas. Painted gold or luster dust can be added. 
  • Abstract Art
Hand painted with methodically wild brush strokes, and colors of your choice. Entrust the final design to the artist painting Your cake. Feel free to provide inspiration for us to work with. 
Add Ons
  • Fresh Floral Arrangement: $45
  • Chocolate Sails: $75.00
  • Chocolate Bow Ties: $135.00
  • Flavored Candy Shards: $55.00
  • Painted Gold: $25.00
  • Edible Gold: $55.00
  • Custom Wooden/Acrylic Sign: $65.00
Prices are adjusted for smaller cakes which we offer in 6" and 8"
(Based on some request, additional cost may apply)